The nearest city is Margao, which is the best place for road transport. Take NH 17, southwards (Canacona), to come here. If travelling from Karnataka state (South of Goa), the best route is NH 17 northwards through Karwar-Canacona. Karwar is 35 kms away.

From Margao
Take the Margao-Canacona-Palolem bus route, which passes via Canacona station before coming here, enroute to its final destination; Palolem. Its main Patnem stop is just outside Sea View Resort. This is the best direct bus route here from Margao and its frequency is every half hour. All bus drivers on the route know the resort; so ask them to inform you accordingly.

Alternatively, take the Margao-Canacona bus and change to an auto rickshaw at Canocona for the 1.5 km journey to the resort.